What is Wild Cinema ?

Wild is raw, wild is pure,

wild is indomitable,

wild is serving the wild and shaking the captured so they rewiled.

Wild its who we are, wild is what we do naturaly.



“Both wild animals and Wild Woman are endangered species. Over time we have witnessed the instinctual female nature looted, rejected, and restructured. For long periods it has been as mismanaged as wildlife and the virgin lands. For thousands of years, and one only has to look at the past to realise it, it has been relegated to the most barren territory of the psyche.


Throughout history, the spiritual lands of the Wild Woman have been plundered or burned, their lairs have been razed and their natural cycles have been forced to adapt to artificial rhythms to please others”.

“Clarissa Pinkola Estés, ‘Singing the Bones’

Women Who Run with the Wolves

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