DesFilms creates audiovisual works of hybrid content with an environmental focus, inspiring new inner & social ecosystems through cinema, myth & allegory.

Our work includes documentaries, narrative fiction, video dance & video art installations, while we conduct interactive workshops for all ages.

Desfilms has been awarded & traveled to many international film festivals, exhibitions at museums & galleries around the world, has collaborated with numerous individuals, social, cultural and educational organizations & art institutions in Greece, Europe, Latin America, Australia and the US.

With an international presence but Cyclades based, DesFilms focuses on cinema inspired by ancient and indigenous traditions, committed to cultivate a new point of view, so as to create a better world for future generations.

Our mission is to inspire and contribute in the weaving of a new story leading with our heart.



Slowing down

Co create

We are all part of an ECOSYSTEM that we interact with

CINEMA has the power to illuminate, transform, and heal.

IMAGES are a language that is essential for the psyche to thrive.

MYTH stimulates intuitive thinking & encourages the possibility of magic in our lives.

WORKSHOPS are the vehicle to accompany children and adults in their transformative journey. We reach out to who may not otherwise have access to the artistic and educational experiences that we provide.

SHORT VIDEO STORIES cast light and shadow on the unseen, help us listen to the voice of the unheard, feel the essence of people whose voice & service needs to be heard, revisit ancient traditions and activate ancestral knowledge.

CINEMA is a ceremony, so we gather again ‘around the fire’, as our ancestors did, when they were seeking connection and guidance.

PROCESS is more important than the end result and how we work with one another matters.

COLLABORATION & CREATIVITY enables everyone to be fully self-expressive, creating a working environment where those qualities are encouraged.

Our RESPONSIBILITY is to nurture, honor, and respect the emotional intelligence of our AUDIENCE.

inspire so to create beauty and harmony & contribute so we evolve and we leave a better world to the next generations


feel so we understand, live fully present, become more conscious & connect with ourselves, with each other and with nature



Honesty     ::::     Authenticity     ::::     Imagination     ::::     Transformation