Project Description



Contracorriente, or counter flow is a video art project that states the idea that we are going against the current of nature and it´s water cycle forgetting that we are a part of her. Through the massive cataracts of Iguaçu in Brazil and a contradictory soundscape, it renders our inverted relationship with nature and its somehow irreversible effects.

´Iguaçu´ is an area between Brazil and Argentina in which a total of 275 waterfalls are formed. The total length of them is 2.7 km and the etymology of the name comes from the Guarani Indigenous dialect that means ‘Big Water’.

This video was made for the “World Water Museum” installation by Keti Haliori and presented at the joint project of Ulay and Keti Haliori “Synergies”, June 2013.

VIDEO: Despina Economopoulou, DESfilms

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