“My work is to plant seeds of knowledge so that they can grow and give fruits. I come to remind you of what is already inside you.”

Margarita Núñez García, known as La Abuela Margarita (Grandmother Margarita), is a spiritual leader from Mexico. Abuela Margarita belongs to the Native Council of Elders of America and has participated in indigenous gatherings in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, the United States, Canada.

From the loving hand of 🦋 Grandmother Margarita🦋 who, starting today 25.01, the day of Saint Margaret here in Greece, she will dance in the stars with all magic, elegance, love and joy that she was and she taught us. Thank you for everything. The sky will become more beautiful full of songs, flowers and magic and you are always in our hearts. Here the essence of her teachings :

❤️ ‘What is the mission of women? Teach Man to love ‘❤️

Nahuatl Poem of Quetzalcoatl

From the red heart of Quetzalcoatl sprouted the golden flower and the seed

The sweet trill and the light of the star on the forehead of a people

the sun rises

Humanity, flower and bird

In the vital center of thought

It’s in the wind, It’s wing, it’s cloud

Water that embodies the corn

Magical and cosmic Quetzalcoatl is!!

It is a jewel, a precious stone that is immersed in light and colours

Flashes of the river of gold embedded in speech

The song, the voice of the flute and the pyramid of knowledge.

It is the thunder that shakes the metals of his voice in the throat of the birds and in humanity.

It grows like a flowering tree in the human mouth and in the beak of birds.

It is the wine of love

Delight of the heat of the woman

Treasure and peace of the warrior

womb where life is born

Magical and cosmic Quetzalcoatl is!

Thanks to @julia_sanchez_andreo for the trust in the collaboration and service and @laencantadacosmetics for all the love, generosity and dedication to reunite us with this being and remind us who we are.#thanks#abuelamargarita#alwayslive# #puritoheart#girlheart#goodflight#alwayslive#Quetzalcoatl#

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