Since ancient times my ancestors, and actually everyone’s in their own way , have been celebrating the cycle of life death rebirth, which lies in the heart of natural law. Here in Eleusina, (etymological origin ελεύθω = έρχομαι. That is, the place of arrival, presence, revelation. Thus, the word Eleusis, with its etymology and its myth, tells us about the arrival of some significant event, the arrival of the wandering Mother Earth, to bring light, in the spring.) were celebrating Dimitra and her Kori (daughter) Persephone as guardians of the spiral of life death rebirth and life itself with its harvests together with Hecate.

Here, in mysticism (‘mystico’ in Greek is the secret) and in total devotion, people immersed themselves in their own death and its mysteries to be reborn, heal, celebrate venerate and respect life. With pilgrimage, fasting, offerings, cleansing, indigenous spiritual hellenic traditions inherited and woven with the earthly elemental and the astral, they created what became one of the central cults of my ancestral culture.

Through this ceremony the soul was freed from the anguish of our mortal flesh and prepared for the transformation and freedom of the spirit. Freedom in Greek is Eleftheria (ελευθερία) and its etymology comes from the same place, from the same root, Eleusome / Eleusis like a mycelium that interconnects.

Right here in Eleusina, facing everything that is leaving, and everything that is yet to come along with all that we have created as a civilization, people continue to dialogue with life . Some of them still guard the tradition of the cycle of life death rebirth, in their own ways.

We are our ancestors wildest dreams