DESfilms co creates the The ALPHA GENERATION programme

An educational constellation that aims to connect initiatives that nurture a generation of young people, a generation that is called upon to preserve and facilitate life on our planet.

The launch of the program consisted the milestone of the 3rd Delos Global Gathering, which took place in the framework of the ALPHA MISSION – ΔELOS on 3 and 4 June on the pillars of the power of interdisciplinary and intersectional cooperation to protect life on Earth and the vital role that mythology, art, spirituality and technology, play in the regeneration of life on our planet.

The meeting was attended by 70 leading representatives of science, education,
space technology, arts, environment, philosophy and internal development
where students from Tinos island of the pilot Program Alpha Generation shared
the results of their educational journey where their singed works were exhibited
at the archaeological site.

* Alpha Generation Constellation Pilot Program

The fifth grade of Tinos Primary School (Exomvourgou) was the pilot program of Alpha mission Delos under the auspices of the World Human Forum which aims to raise awareness and awaken people to climate change through art.

A journey of knowledge through art, mother nature and ancient Greece that combines the four elements of nature, water, fire, earth, air and a fifth is added which our ancient ancestors called ether. Through the two month program, we embodied the knowledge  that our own existence is completely linked with mother nature as the only way for our common future in order to exist and evolve in harmony. Through the DESfilms methodology and participatory modalities our students were introduced to practices of breathing & sound recording, creative photography, botany , oceanography and the art of cyanoty ping . Our last session was the teachings of Ether element honouring the invisible and our ancestors along with exploring the universe, where we sat in circle with the space doctor from the European Space Agency.

  An anagram for Earth from the 1st star of the Alpha Generation constellation  DELOS exhibition was an anagram showing us that the new generation are the compass the leadership, the first but also the echo and the mirror of us, thus also the last.The exhibition took place in the granite house with granites, the stone material that is the first and perhaps the last inhabitant of the island. The stone became a support for the voice of the children who, although humble, have very loud messages to share.The canvases of the kids works placed with natural rope and stones under the light of minimalism faithful to its Cycladic origin echoed the core of our ancient culture.

Curatorial Text

What is LIFE made of ? Our educational journey involved the initiation into the four elements that life consists of, with the fifth being this presentation in Delos island, the spiritually enlightened and sacred healing place of our ancestors, where light was born. With the first representatives of Alpha Generation Constellation from the island of Tinos, we co-created working in a circle a world to share through their eyes, showing us how they experience life by guiding us to what is worth preserving and care for. Our methodology was interwoven in connection and synergy, just as the four elements work together and need each other to sustain life. Inspired by other living beings and through biomimicry we explored how they serve their own mission on the planet. We learned from the gifts they give us and how they rejoice in the gift of life. Our raw materials were Air (as breath & sound), Fire (as light & photo), Earth (as botanists) and Water (as oceanographers), harmoniously shifting the human from the center of life to the part of their circle, along with all its other forms. Our journey from technology to nature through the lens of Ancestral Intelligence was fuelled by critical thinking, creativity, reflection, exploration, imagination, compassion and collaboration. Our starting point was the indigenous idea that the four elements are our teachers, they are within us and coexist with us. They are not just here for us.Children lend us their compass to explore new shared paths consisting of humility, connection, respect, love, symbiosis, beauty and light. The Alpha Generation is here, a burning light which we ought to follow.

Despina Economopoulou 
curator & teacher

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