In my native tradition, the autumn equinox is the time that Kori (Persephone) descends so her steps meet her husband in the underworld. Dimitra retreats and gives her motherhood torch to Ekati. September was the month of the Eleusinian mysteries, honoring the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Through grounded spirituality, connected with the practicality of life and transcendence, they were honoring mother earth and giving a meaning to individual and collective life while facing the greatest fear of all the fear of death: the arrival of the wandering Mother Earth, to be immersed in the darkness so to be reborn, heal, celebrate, venerate and respect life’s cycles.

Is the time of the darkness, of the mycelium’s medicine & gifts. Is the time that prepares us for going inwards so to come forth later, with the wisdom of the initiation and the maturity of the experience.

During this time, it is auspicious to ask yourself from a place of curiosity and self care:

What parts of me and my life are/feel out of balance?

What do I need to let go of so I can bring equilibrium to me and my ecosystem?

This autumn is exceptionally special, as it coincides with the ‘descent of Inanna to the underworld meeting her sister Ereshkigal’, the ancient sumerian/mesopotamian myth (progenitor of Dimitras and Kori myth) that weaves the story of planet Venus and her dance around the Sun forming the cosmic rose and life’s frequency. Her conjunction with the Sun (22nd October) is the ‘underworld moment’ where she surrenders to his arms immersed in the galactic depths so she rebirths as the evening star.

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