Learn & create together


We accompany individuals within their learning process, while constantly learning from them in a dialectic pedagogic path with methods that combine theory & practice and encourage personal growth.


* Photography * Participatory Video * Creative Documentary * Video Dance


Our Philosophy

the Opposite of competing is sharing

The workshops encourage creative thinking, by enabling and facilitating you to “express yourself” creatively, so that your personal voice is heard.

They offer new ways of learning to look, observe and examine in order to compose artful images, which add value to the representation of our inner world and furthermore of the world that surrounds us.

One of the common results of the workshops is not only to upgrade our relationship with the medium used each time, but also to enrich our own perception for ourselves and reality.


An educator wanting to enrich your methods with audiovisual tools, a school that is kin to cultivate creativity to their students, an educational institution that includes creative workshops in its program, an NGO oriented to young people’s creative development or group of parents that wishes a creative, fun & enriching activity for your children so that their creative side is expressed while cultivating personal transformation processes, then:


You can count on us

We are what you are looking for:

If you are an educator who desires to expand your methodologies & enhance the education level of your students; if you are a creative educational institution that aims to include creative workshops in its program or seeks training for its staff in order to incorporate audiovisual tools; if you are an entity (NGO, organization, company etc) oriented to young people’s creative development; if you are a group of parents that wishes a creative, fun & enriching activity for both you and your children, or if you are simply a conscious adult who is willing to become more aware of your visual tools & language, so that your creative side is expressed while supporting your personal transformation processes,

Get in touch.



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