With passion and enthusiasm we create the necessary circumstances for every project to come to life and blossom as we consider each and every one of them a universe of its own.
Attention to Detail
Steady while Flexible
Focus on the Essence



From idea, visual identity, research, preproduction to field production for Documentaries, Fiction, Commercial, Video for Theater, Social Campaigns, Educational Videos.


Directing Post Production, Video Editing, Assistant Editor. With more of 10 years of experience in different projects & environments, encompassing methods and traits of different genres.(Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Avid, Logic Pro)


Workshops from basic technical skills to to high level conceptual dynamics as a tool of audiovisual culture and empowerment. Basic Digital Photography, Participatory Video, Dancing Camera, Creative Documentary, Video Editing, Media Literacy


We know where to find the ideal people and spot for your production in Athens and in Greece plus all you need to have a successful and smooth production.


From a vast network of people, organizations, platforms, foundations, galleries, film festivals, companies, and information in this vast constellation of our network we connect the dots that need to find & relate with each other.

You can count on us

We are what you are looking for

If you are a media production company looking for enriching it´s human capital, a company that needs to take a creative leap with its visual identity, an educator who wants to expand their methods, a creative profesional who is interested in offering creative services online, you are looking for collaboration for a project you are developing or you simply want your ideas /message to become a creative content, contact with us, we are what you are looking for, and more.

If you are a professional wanting to learn how to create your own online workshop / online visual info product in creative & refined ways ,or if you are a professional who is interested in design your services as an online workshop or upgrade & transform your online product with expansive processes, get in touch.

If you are an educator who desires to expand your methodologies & enhance the education level of your students; if you are a creative educational institution that aims to include creative workshops in its program or seeks training for its staff in order to incorporate audiovisual tools; if you are an entity (NGO, organization, company etc) oriented to young people’s creative development; if you are a group of parents that wishes a creative, fun & enriching activity for both you and your children, or if you are simply a conscious adult who is willing to become more aware of your visual tools & language, so that your creative side is expressed while supporting your personal transformation processes


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