Visual tales that cast light and shadow onto the human experience


* Pablo Loccasio, Maese Pau / Director

Working with Desfilms is an innovative experience. Great openness of concepts, new proposals and maximum care for details. Currently I contract their services to develop tutorials and promotional videos and I emphasize their professionalism and creativity in the results.

*Xavier Artigas , Metromuster / Filmmaker

Déspina is a great professional who plays at all levels & key points of the film process, but also has a great attitude & culture along with deep knowledge of all kinds.She knows how to contribute in the projects she is involved in,as

she is not a simple worker but a creative partner. In the research required by any documentary project, working with her has always been a pleasure on a personal level and a clear enrichment for the project. “

*Aegagros Caldera Houses

Des-films got connected to our character, understood from scratch our philosophy grasping all the sensations, and feelings that the breath-taking sceneries of Aegagros offers to its visitors at Santorini, communicating its essence and character.We are grateful for this fruitful & creative collaboration that portrayes poetically our hospitality and slow-living sensation offering a valuable tool that we use for our business up until nowadays .

* Anastasia Parava / Paramana Puppet Theater / Director

Collaborating with Des-films is a valuable investment for us as Despina could see through the nature and fragility of our work knowing how to work with her very sensitive “eye” (regard)  and transmit the sensations we built onstage gaining a wonderful and timeless material  for our theater company´s promotional purposes with great patience, enthusiasm and attention giving us the basis of our communication tools.

*Petros Tsaktanis, Global Aviation / Director

Working with Desfilms has been a highly pleasant experience. The result of our production was very satisfying & the quality of the end result our video boost our image towards the desired direction. They understood our company’s values and work ethic, adapting the production accordingly with no trouble at all. Working with them was effortless, with their sense of professionalism and precision granting success. Global Aviation would easily recommend Desfilms to anyone who cares to enhance their business’s image.

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