This documentary explains the empowerment Itinerary and the social transformation which drives the Youthme ideology, using the video camera as a tool for transmitting all the peculiarities and strengths of this way of working from worker to worker. This methodology was used for the first time in the Youthme Project with young, socially vulnerable migrants between 2011 and 2013. The young people were the protagonists who fuelled this change, along with the support of social organisations. The documentary was produced, with the participation of the young people by the Quepo Foundation.

YouthME project took place at 2012 at Catalunya with groups of socially vulnerable young immigrants , age of 14 to 23 ,purposing at empowerment & social transformation .The workshop was part of the YouthME methodology as a project of Quepo Foundation .

Trailer :

YouthME :

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