Loop is a mirror of the inner world of both its creator and the viewer. It consists of a visual dialogue about our consciousness and the present moment through the journey of a woman and her eternal return. It is a film experiment playing with Plato´s allegory of the Cave that results a hybrid project of fiction, video dance and documentary.

Final Project for the MA Independent Film , Video and New Screen Media, 2009
Under the mentorship of Haim Bresheeth ,Eyal Sivan, Steve Goodman.

Director: Despina Economopoulou
Musica : Alain Bremond
Woman : Oliva Damiani
Shadow: Anna Melander
Cinemarography : Despina Economopoulou,Lola Clavo,Kostantinos Levetas,Stavropoulos Andreas
Sound : Theo Mermigas,Nick Theodorakopoulos
Editing : Zak Chalkiopoulos,Suzana Scarpa,Despina Economopoulou
Sound Design: Stephen Royel ,Javier Gonzalez,Raul Lucea
Assistant Director : Statis Chatzielenoudas, Katerina Costantinou
Production : Helena Feliu Garcia, Kalliopi Perdika




London Greek Film Festival 2014 ´Best Experimental Short Film´
International Festival of Drama, Greece, 2014
“BorderBody – Mixing Future” international art festival Ferrara, Italy 2014

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