Documentary Cinema & Anthropology Workshop for Adults

DESfilms with the Anthropologists Association of Barcelona united forces and paths.  From Barcelona and also from

all around the world, our diverse group completed with great success the first edition of the interactive workshop of Documentary Cinema and Anthropology. Sessions that combined historical overview, theory, basic concepts and hands on practice contituted the milestones of our journey.

We have enjoyed created learned and navigated to the magic of the fusion of Anthropology & Documentary Cinema.

The sessions combined historical overview, theory, basics, and practice as the milestones of our journey.

🎬V FIELDS OF VISION 🎥🎞👉🏾Creation of audiovisual projects under the anthropological gaze & a fresh approach under the union of the two disciplines.  4 ONLINE sessions of Theory and practice Wednesday from 04 to 02 December

An alliance with the Anthropological Association of Barcelona.

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