During the academic year 2016 a basic digital photography workshop was taught to the students of primary French School in Barcelona, Spain. The workshop was combined with a 3-day intensive preparation of the educators/teachers of each class that participated. In the workshop 336 students and 13 adults participated, 100 hours were creatively spent and more than 5,000 photos were taken. The workshop concluded with an exhibition that shared the results of this pedagogical adventure of creation through photography.

Excerpts from curatorial text of the digital photography exhibition : “In an era bombarded with continuous stimuli and addictive distractions, the act of looking consciously is an act of art {…}revealing inner landscapes of the social system reflected to the child itself and the educational world {…}Through creative processes of chaos, joy, doubt, trust, confusion, order, discipline and impulse, we have exchanged and consolidated with the world’s most pure and inexhaustible source of intelligence & creativity: childhood.”

Photographs from workshop @ LFB:HTTPS://WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/152222434@N03/COLLECTIONS/72157687989798753/

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