DesFilms & Despina Economopoulou with a full scholarship at this exciting 3 day adventure .Participatory Leadership is a practice based on methods and mental models that together create the right conditions in order for all the ideas, opinions and skills of a group of people to emerge in a creative way, especially when new solutions are needed. It has a practical application worldwide – and it is offered by an international network of practitioners and consultants.Participatory Leadership is based on self-organization principles, participation and non-linear solutions with an emphasis on individual and collective progress.The training was focused on innovation, leadership and leading transformation within the framework of knowing  that your work, your projects and initiatives can be more effective and impactful via practices, theories and methodologies that move past old patterns and ways of thinking to initiate new collaborative processes that invite engagement and accountability with colleagues or in community, while working with diverse views whilst also staying close to ourselves and our integrity working with tension, diversity and difference in a generative way.

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